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Mackenzie's Thoughts

Mackenzie Valentine Greene/Tang
14 February
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I'm a high school senior who lives in Boston... or I used to be. According to Dylan, and my ID, I am apparently twenty-four and married. But right now I'm stuck in this town in Washington and Dylan tells me I'm in the future. It's a pretty messed up place. Hardly anyone speaks English! It's a good thing I took Spanish in high school or I'd be in much worse shape.

I'm also one of Marian's characters, which I find hard to understand sometimes, because her fashion sense is rather...lacking. And I think this livejournal thing is pretty ridiculous. I certainly won't be sharing my private thoughts with all of you.


Hi, this is Mackenzie again. I just want to apologize in advance if I'm somewhat bitchy, but I have this problem of switching back and forth between "characters." When I'm a snob, like above, I'm during the beginning of my story with Dylan, but otherwise I'm either before or near the end or after it... Make sense? Yeah, I know. Me, too...